Byron Short is equal parts entrepreneur,  top agent, and techno-geek.  This background puts Byron in a different frame of mind than most brokers.  While it’s common for the Broker to be focused on risk-aversion, Byron’s focus is on building successful real estate practices with an emphasis on systems and technology.  Meet with Byron, and you’ll find a friendly, engaging fellow who gets all geeked up about bringing profit-producing technologies to his company and his agents.

Byron’s path to becoming the Broker at United Real Estate Scottsdale didn’t start like most.  Byron was a visionary from the early years.  At the age of 23, Byron founded a company to perform daily marketing services for automobile dealerships.  Back in those days (well prior to the internet) that meant teaching auto dealership managers and salespeople why and how they should follow-up with their clients, helping them to do just that, and measuring the results from that work.  “Everything at that time was snail-mail,” laughs Byron, “but that was all there was.  We killed a lot of trees.”

By 1990, Byron had began franchising the concept, and eventually developed a chain of 22 offices throughout the country to serve their various local markets.  The entire process later became known as “Customer Relationship Management” or CRM.  When the internet and email came along, the company went into high gear.  Byron personally wrote the programs for the company, and his final iteration was 280,000 lines of code taking almost two years of long days (and nights).  That software still powers the CRM for about a dozen dealerships today, an extremely long life cycle for software that’s not had a revision since the mid 1990’s.

When Byron and his wife Yvonne entered real estate in 2008, they knew their secret weapon would be CRM.  It’s not that CRM is a secret.  To the contrary, everyone has at least a passing understanding of CRM these days.  “It’s all in the execution”, says Byron, “and very few agents really understand the process and the power it brings when used correctly.”

Within 2 years Byron was a top performer in his office of about 100 agents.  This was during the recession years, and his office was one of the “old pro” offices, where the average experience was a couple decades or so.  The office served the highly affluent (and notoriously hard to crack) luxury market in North Scottsdale.  To compete and succeed beyond more experienced agents who had big books of business, Byron had found and began nurturing a second new skill — lead development.

Byron’s background in CRM dove-tailed perfectly with the world of lead development.  Byron quickly developed an internet presence in North Scottsdale that would drive his results into rare territory.  By their 4th full year in real estate the couple hit $12 million in sales, and in their 5th year exceeded $14 million.  It’s worthwhile to note that these numbers came while developing a luxury boutique real estate office, hiring agents, training them on CRM, and covering broker duties.

In 2013 Byron was introduced to United Real Estate.  Their story seemed so similar to Byron’s, with a healthy dose of geekiness mixed right in.  (If you haven’t read United’s story, you can read it here.)  By December 2013, Byron had committed to be their 5th franchise.  The combination of their backgrounds, rooted in systems-based technology with a sales sensibility, made it a perfect fit.

Today, Byron prides himself on being a broker that is “all about sales, instead of being all about risk.  Its important to manage risk, but its not possible or even desirable to avoid it entirely.”  Instead, Byron starts from the point of view of a top agent.  “Nothing happens until something is sold.  And in real estate, nothing is sold until you have a client.”   Byron believes the broker’s primary job is to help his agents produce more.  “Do that, and everything else will take care of itself”, Byron says.  “Nothing makes me happier than helping a struggling agent reach their potential.”

With his entrepreneurial techie sales-guy background, Byron is well equipped to do just that.

Would you like to chat with Byron?  Feel free to contact him on his personal cell, or email, or click here to arrange a meeting.

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